1/2 Prince Review

I have a secret. I have a thing for anime and manga where the main character swaps genders or cross-dresses. I like a scenario where a character has to pass for the opposite gender or is turned into the opposite gender. I like body swap stories because I just love it when guys have to act like a girl to avoid notice. It’s just hilarious.

½ Prince gives me that gender swap thrill. Feng Lan is challenged to play a new game called Second Life by her annoying twin brother. Determined to prove that she can excel at the game, Feng Lan rushes home and is the first person to log onto Second Life. As a bonus, she is given one wish that she uses to make a male character named Prince. Thus, she descends into the life consuming game of Second Life where she makes friends, kills at lot of things, build an army and more.

Plus Factor

Gender swapping. My favorite thing. The interesting part about Fend Lan being Prince is that she acts totally like a boy would. Little about her would make others think that Prince was played by a female character. She soon has girls developing crushes on Prince who is brave and bloodthirsty, and can be a bit. She even earns the title Blood Elf when she slew many monsters for over four hours while her party just watched. She can get nutty.

The manga gives the readers a huge array of characters to love and none of them lack in variety. My favorites are Kenshin and Sunshine, because they are cute. Visually the art is stunning, but the artist has the tendency of making a lot of boy characters looks to pretty.

In Second Life, the players do everything you can imagine. Level up, join parties, join guilds, enter competitions, own property, etc. The world could almost be to big.

The enthusiasm, the life, and the energy from the characters on Second Life will actually make you want to play the game. Everyone loves being in the world of Second Life. The people have a liveliness in them that perks you up a bit.

The Negatives

Sometimes I don’t know what the heck is going on in ½ Prince. Everything seems to happen to fast. The characters are great but there can be to many cooks in the kitchen so to speak. It can lead you feeling a little lost in the story and you’ll have to keep reading to see when things will make sense again.

I dislike how involved everyone get into this virtual reality world. No matter how fun it is it’s not real life. You see people getting in relationships and getting married on Second Life as if it matters in reality. It’s scary how involved some of them get with a game.

[spoiler! Don’t read this paragraph] Guiliaste, a character in half life, falls in love with Prince and chases him all throughout Second Life, but Feng Lan doesn’t take him seriously. The real life Guiliaste however, has developed deep feelings for Prince, which is sad because he happens to be Feng Lan’s university professor. They could actually be dating in real life if he paid attention to her in class!

½ Prince is like a roller-coaster ride. You never quite know where the story will take you. For some of you this might be good while for others not so much. They have rich characters and exciting battles, so if you’re looking for some fun and excitement you should check it out.

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