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Let’s Go Shopping

There’s always the saying that another person’s junk is another man’s treasure.  I would not call my stuff junk but I’ve beaten some video games and I think maybe someone else would love to play those video games too.  So I end up selling those video games on either Amazon or EBay.

If you have seen my Twitter account, then you have seen me tweeting whatever I have listed for sale on my EBay account.  Here’s a list of things that have come and gone:

Stuff You’ve Missed?

Picture 13

“Wild Honey” is a rare yaoi manga

Kid Icarus Uprising With Stand (4)

Right now, Kid Icarus Uprising is currently on auction on my EBay account.


Nintendo Wii Wired Sensor Bar for the Nintendo Wii

Every once in a while, someone needs a replacement Wii sensor bar.

Always check my Ebay store to see what video game or anime related stuff  I’m listing.  If you love Digimon and Christmas, why don’t you take a look at my Digimon Anime Izzy Izumi and Pabuman Clay Christmas Tree Ornament
?  I not into scamming people and I make sure that all my items are in working condition.



Coming up next, might be Zelda Skyward Sword with the 25th anniversary CD.   I’m currently playing the game and I’m having fun.

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