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I need a little light and cuteness after dwelling back into Claymore and before I review I Am a Hero. Occasionally I like to read shojo manga that are sweet and light-hearted. Beauty Pop looked like it would do the job. It’s about hair-styling of all things and the artist is someone I like so I thought it was worth a shot.

Kiri Koshiba’s family owns a beauty salon so she is use to styling hair, but she doesn’t do it for the fame and money. Kiri prefers to help brighten the lives of girls by giving them a little of her magic anonymously and this is how she prefers it.

However, there is a group at school that gives grand makeovers to already beautiful girls. The head of the group, Shogo wants to be a brilliant hairstylist. Kiri possess the skills that he wished he had, but not the drive since they are not fueled by the same goals. Kiri would much rather stay in the shadows and help girls who she feels deserve her help, but the Scissors Project group end up drawing her into the world of hair styling that she has tried to stayed away from.

Kiri and Shogo butt heads a lot. Kiri is extremely laid back and absent-minded while Shogo is ambitious and driven. The other members of the Scissor Project add depth to the story and fulfill other roles that a beauty shop will need to be successful one day. You can tell Shogo put a lot of thought into his future, which is probably why Kiri’s liaise faire attitude disturbs him.

It’s a story ultimately about passion and dreams and it touched the creative side of me. Beauty Pop is a feel good manga. You will love the way Kiri and even the seemingly vain Shogo cares about their family and friends. It’s also about finding the beauty of someone outside of their physical appearance, which I liked very much.

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