Browsing Through Play-Asia 5/05/2013

Last week, I spoke about the wonders of shopping at other video places, besides GameStop when buying video games. is definently the website I go to when looking for new and interesting games that may or may not leave Japan.


Soul Sacrifice 

On the front page, I found advertisement for a game called Soul Sacrifice.  Now I don’t have a PlayStation Vita yet (and I probably won’t have one for a long while) but this game caught my attention.

Thankfully, this game has been out in the USA for a few days.  Judging by a majority of the reviews, this is not a bad game in the slightest.  Japan gets an awesome Soul Sacrifice edition of the PlayStation Vita.

Dragons_Crown_207533.12Dragons_Crown_207533.11 Dragons_Crown_207533.13

 Dragon’s Crown

Having played Odin’s Sphere and Muramasa a few years back, I always get excited when a game has George Kamitani’s art style.  This game is a coorparative online action rpg with four characters to choose from.  The game releases in Japan in July 2013 for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and in America on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.



I will be getting this game on my PlayStation 3 when it comes out.

There is no harm in buying from is a safe website.  I have ordered from them in the past with the help of the trusted paypal.

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