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Been Busy A Lot Lately

  Sorry Guys Sorry for the long absence.  The last post was about Drakengard 3 and Drakengard manga  (which is actually coming to North America next year).  Nine to six, Monday through Friday, plus stupid and random crap happening is keeping me busy now. I will not be quitting this website anytime soon; prepare for two […]

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Sword Art Online Review

Only a few shows about video games manage to get the idea of people playing videogames right.  Shows like Reboot and .hack//sign come to mind for good video game themed shows and Level Up comes to mind for the worst video game themed show I have ever seen in my life.  Showing on Cartoon Network’s […]

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Pacific Rim

Becoming older now I am getting less surprised with Hollywood’s upcoming list or and past list of movies with similar themes, predictable plots, and formulas.   After seeing a trailer where two people fight together in huge mechs and punching a gigantic monster in the face; I knew I had to see Pacific Rim.  The […]

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GameStop, Amazon, & Shopping

 ,  &  At one point in my life, I thought GameStop was the only store where I could purchase games.  Through looking for past generation games , I decided to also purchase games from Amazon.  When I found games that were never comming to the USA or games that would take months to come to the United States, […]

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Of Anime and Video Games Facebook Page

  Of Anime and Video Games has a facebook page!  Why Facebook?  Well some people love using Facebook and this is a great way for me to connect with other anime, manga, and video game fans. On the Facebook page is a list of the anime and video games I have thought about or reviewed […]

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Hello Everyone

I just wanted to give everyone a brief introduction into who I am before I start posting reviews a few times a week.  I’m a geek who has been in love with video games and anime since I was six years old.  Well…I guess I would like to say I have been forever in love […]

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