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Scalpers Rant: Limited Edition 3DS’

One day I fell out of the loop on new video game releases.   When I came to, Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright & Conquest was released in America and there was a limited edition Fire Emblem New Nintendo 3DS XL and a complete Fire Emblem Fates video game cartridge out on the marketplace.  I had the […]

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Awesome Anime and Video Game Stuff on my EBay Store

Let’s Go Shopping There’s always the saying that another person’s junk is another man’s treasure.  I would not call my stuff junk but I’ve beaten some video games and I think maybe someone else would love to play those video games too.  So I end up selling those video games on either Amazon or EBay. […]

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Gundam Extreme vs Full Boost Review by Anime and Video Games

Disclaimer: I have not played Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost the predecessor Gundam Extreme Vs. i Let’s face it.  There are not many good video game adaptations of anime or manga.  Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost manages to blow such thoughts out of the water.  Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost is an arcade game featuring a […]

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Drag-on Dragoon (AKA Drakengard) Manga Shi ni Itaru Aka & Drakengard 3

Drag-on Dragoon: Shi ni Itaru manga I found out there was a Drag-on Dragoon manga with the subtitle Shi ni Itaru and a sequel/prequel to the video game series of the same name.  In my shortest review ever, I will say that the manga has our cold hearted female protagonist One and her cool elf companion […]

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Browsing Through Play-Asia 5/05/2013

Last week, I spoke about the wonders of shopping at other video places, besides GameStop when buying video games. is definently the website I go to when looking for new and interesting games that may or may not leave Japan. Soul Sacrifice  On the front page, I found advertisement for a game called Soul Sacrifice. […]

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GameStop, Amazon, & Shopping

 ,  &  At one point in my life, I thought GameStop was the only store where I could purchase games.  Through looking for past generation games , I decided to also purchase games from Amazon.  When I found games that were never comming to the USA or games that would take months to come to the United States, […]

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