Decorate Your Nintendo 3DS Screen with Nintendo Badge Arcade


Lately, I’ve been enjoying my Nintendo 3DS XL and I’ve been browsing through the Nintendo eshop trying my best not to empty my bank account.  I found  Nintendo Badge Arcade, curious with how Nintendo was adapting to the free to play style that mobile game developers love so much.

The end result of my time with Nintendo Badge Arcade was this:


The above is my home screen.

 Through paying for  Nintendo Badge Arcade plays, I was able to win these badges through using various Nintendo franchise themed crane machines.

 Nintendo Badge Arcade is very honest about spending money.  The very talkative bunny, who follows me around the game, will tell me that I am spending REAL money in order to play.  There are only a few themes available for the Nintendo 3DS screen.  If you are like me, you like feeling like an individual.  Decorating my screen with a variety of unique characters, items, etc from various Nintendo series lets me know that my screen will not be the same as the next person who also plays  Nintendo Badge Arcade.


This bunny LOVES to talk about promotions, spending money, and random stuff.

 Nintendo Badge Arcade is nice enough to offer deals and a chance to earn free plays through playing the daily practice crane.   Sometimes, when I buy plays, I am rewarded with special badges or a “free” theme for my 3DS screen.  What I don’t like is when some cranes have an announcement that its the final day that crane will be available, or when the bunny acts as if it will be a long while before I see a specific crane again.  I have seen multiple cranes go away and come back a few weeks after disappearing.

I only use real money for software badges as they appear randomly and software badges like the Zelda ones are rare.  Sometimes the bunny will talk to me and offer a series of questions, which could lead to a few free plays.   Anyone who plays this game must remember that they are using real money and the play time after paying is really short.  This game is only recommended for people who love Nintendo characters, themes, and deals.




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