Drag-on Dragoon (AKA Drakengard) Manga Shi ni Itaru Aka & Drakengard 3


Drag-on Dragoon: Shi ni Itaru manga

I found out there was a Drag-on Dragoon manga with the subtitle Shi ni Itaru and a sequel/prequel to the video game series of the same name.  In my shortest review ever, I will say that the manga has our cold hearted female protagonist One and her cool elf companion Nero going on an adventure and killing everyone in sight.

One spares no one’s lives and hardly says anything while Nero does most of the talking and seems to at least have SOME morals (he questions why One is not sparing the pregnant and the elderly).  The two are trying to stop the spreading of the red eyed disease which turns people into murderous monsters.  There is more information about Drakengard’s world through the weapon’s back stories in the video game than in this manga.

The manga is still going and one chapter a month is the release schedule for each chapter.  Reading the manga, much like playing the video game is like a guilty pleasure.  During my childhood, I was tired of happy Japanese role playing protagonists who wanted to save the world and everything ended happily at the end of the group’s journey.  Seeing the blood-thirty Caim mercilessly kill his enemies and show little compassion for his teamates’ problems as he hopelessly tried to save the world was a breath of fresh air.  Caim’s actions were minor compared to his party members who should have been locked away in a dungeon forever.

Although all the endings were sad and Caim always failed to rescue his sister, I remembered all of those endings and the game’s characters throughout my childhood.  Sad endings was something I expected from the series to the point where Drakengard 2’s attempts at a happy ending (the final ending) left a bad taste in my mouth.


Zero is the Protagonist of Drag-On Dragoon 3

 Drag-on Dragoon 3 returns with a prequel (not a squeal or a spin off like Nier Gestalt/Replicant) and the white haired protagonist Zero.  Zero, much like Caim, is not a likable or typical Japanese role playing protagonist.  She is sexed crazed, has four sexual male partners who fight alongside her, and is on a mission to kill off her five sisters who watch over various parts of the world.  She has a fake left arm, a flower growing out of her right eye, and the ability to manipulate magic through song.

Drag-on Dragoon is well known for the banter between party members through ground battles and dragon riding missions.  It would be interesting to see if any of her male companions are fighting for her attention, boasts about their time with her, or how they interact overall.


Zero’s Companions and Sexual Partners (all of them)

Drag-on Dragoon is going to be released in Japan in December and there is no telling if there will be an English release.  Zero’s sexual appetite might need to be censored before Drakengard 3 is able to leave Japan.  For those that want the Asian versions or the Limited Edition, please see Play-Asia for the Japanese, Chinese, and Limited Edition bundle.


One hour special (skip around for game footage) here.

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