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What is Drakendard 3 and why is there a 3 next to Drakengard?  Well, Drakengard 3 is a  prequel to Drakenard 1 but a sequel to Drakenard 2 and Nier.  Luckily, for people who have never played the previous Drakenards (or Nier), there is really no need to.  Drakendard was a series of hack n’ slash games with the ability to ride a dragon at your will (unless you were inside of a building).

The biggest drawl was, at the time of the first and second Drakengard, a majority of Japanese games did not have depressing and dark story lines like Drakengard.  The e hero would set out to find his kidnapped sister and find her already dead or try save the world and find out that he was destroying the world instead of saving it.


Drakengard 3 is only Drakenard in terms of hack and slashing.  There are five intoners who watch over the world after overthrowing the ruthless nobles who terrorized their own people.  Zero wants to put a stop to her sisters (the intoners), and has obtained a dragon in order to kill them all.

On the surface, Zero comes off as an antagonist trying to throw the world into turmoil while most of her sisters try to retain order.  Most of her companions are there with her to either bathe in blood or to have sex with her.  Zero’s true intentions and any possible chance to feel sympathy for her, are never explained until the last path of the game.  

Even with the last path, she is still unredeemable but I finally understood why she was the way she was and why her “sisters” must die.  Throughout the game,  she is questioned multiple times why she would try do such a thing and her response is often, “because I want my powers back.”.


You’ll meet these “sisters” in order from bottom to top

The game play could have benefited each time Zero ended one of her sisters.  Yet Zero still remained the same old intoner from day one; only able to go into a hyper version of herself for as long as her blood meter lasted on the screen.  The popular ability to ride a dragon is only limited to flying in scripted sky sequences or whenever I came upon a circle where I could call my dragon.

There were better combos available, depending on the weapon equipped.

I play Drakengard for its story and Drakengard 3’s is not a serious one, unlike the last three games.  This should had been obvious upon looking at Zero’s skimpy design and the colorful anime hairstyles of Zero’s sisters. The artwork of the last games were more dark and more semi realistic.  The strength in Drakengard is the story but the huge details that could flesh out the characters’ motivations are in books and manga that a player has to seek out through buying the collector’s edition or visiting various websites.

Reading extra stories is not bad but Nier’s story made a lot of sense before I even touched the drama cd.

The DLC is more enjoyable than the main story.  I had more chances to ride a dragon, play and learn more about the other intoners, and fight harder boss battles.  The DLC runs at 35 dollars all together though.


The stories in the red book gives every character more depth.

1. Basic and limited game play. The companions were no help either.
2. Frame rate can randomly drop at times, creating frustration… or easier boss battles
3. Buy DLC, hunt down or buy the book with the extra stories, or complete the whole game to make some sense out of parts in the story.  I feel that most people beat the game once and never looked back, missing out on the rest of the game.

1. Unique characters not normally seen in Japanese video games
2. Although repetitive, the game is addicting.


Despite the flaws, I enjoyed Drakengard 3 and would not mind waiting another ten years to play another Drakengard. I would buy the game at a lower price along with the dlc altogether.  For those with extra time on their hands, check out this website for explanations and look at my let’s play of the whole game here.


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