Fire Emblem Awakening Artbook (Knight of Iris & GameStop Art Book)


I love buying art books of video games I have played or anime that I am really into.  I have always loved the artwork of Fire Emblem and I enjoy looking at official sketches or artwork of the characters from time to time.  I opened my strategy guide of Fire Emblem Path of Raidence more for the artwork than the strategies.  I admit I am a bit spoiled by the large Japanese art books I buy and so getting a limited edition art book from GameStop isn’t a big deal to me.

The GameStop art book is about seventeen pages.  Each page, except for four pages, has a page dedicated to one character.  Obviously if you play the game long enough, you can tell seventeen pages is not enough to cover the whole cast of characters in Fire Emblem Awakening.  I would really like to get my hands on this art book in the near future.

Pretty Book Cover

Fire Emblem Awakening Kakusei Model Sheets Knights of Iris Art Book


The book is 318 pages.  Often these books will have more than just concept artwork and one page for each character.  I am hoping for some beautiful art work of multiple characters interacting with each other (either through battle, conversation, or whatever) and information about the world of Fire Emblem Awakening.   You can click here for more information about the art book.   According to this link (  from GameFAQ the art book also has a list of every support conversation in the game.  Sadly this art book is not translated and my Japanese is not good enough to try and translate everything in the book.

For the fun of it I have decided to post images of the GameStop Fire Emblem artbook.  Feel free to click on the images so they can pop up.

FE ART 017  FE ART 016  Prince Chrom "SwordMAN"? Right... FE ART 008 FE ART 007 FE ART 006 FE ART 005 FE ART 004 FE ART 015 FE ART 014 FE ART 013 The loli lovers must be in heaven right now FE ART 011 FE ART 010 FE ART 008FE ART 009

I know I could simply go online and find all these images but sometimes I just love holding a book in my hands.

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