Growing Up and Watching E3 Throughout the Years

When I was a young kid, watching E3 was not only the highlight of my day but of the month.  As I got older, my excitement for video games disappeared.  I could look back and think about my remaining excitement for the constantly delayed Final Fantasy XV may have contributed to a growing lack of excitement for E3.  Maybe the huge growing list of really good indie games may have also helped stray my attention away from mainstream games in general.

With that said, there were a few games that did catch my eye this E3.

Most of my time was spent watching Twitch’s very own Twitch channel and then almost all attention was brought to Zelda Breath of the Wild on Nintendo’s Twitch channel.  If there has been any video game series I have been playing throughout the years, then it has been the Legend of Zelda.   I admired the new Zelda Breath of the Wild’s art style and game play.  The promised idea of a huge open world and story does worry me.  This is Nintendo and I know that the company can deliver a good Zelda game.  With all the awkwardness of Skyward Sword’s motion controls, I am having fun playing the game.

There was a demonstration of how the wolf Link amiibo works with Breath of the Wild and I will be rushing to GameStop or Amazon to buy that amiibo before some scalper buys it.  The amiibo acts as a companion for Link while our hero takes down enemies.

Final Fantasy XV was a game that I’ve been looking forward to since I was in Sophmore year in high school in 2004.  If anyone reading this blog understands this pain then you will know why I am very weary of the supposed release date.  I will buy this pretty game whenever it is released.   In other words, I barely watched game play of this game for more than 2 minutes.  Same for the Last Guardian.

As a competitive fighter, Injustice 2 was a very nice surprise to see played and previewed.  I will be keeping up to date on this fighting game but I do worry about the character customization and how that will relate to the competitive side of things.  I don’t want someone’s wallet contributing to their victory.

There was a lot of nice deals on the Nintendo’s E3 section of the Nintendo e shop.  I brought BoxBoy! for a very low price since BoxBoxBoy! was previewed at E3.  If you also love the Miitomo app, then you can catch the Zelda Miitomo drop game that is currently available.  Expect a lot of reviews of Nintendo games on this website since I have fallen in love with my Nintendo 3DS XL.

Lastly, Nier 2 aka Nier Automata really gave me a good reason to go buy the English version of Nier and get all the endings and then do a full completion of Nier Replicant.  Even if playing Nier 1 is not needed to understand Nier Automata, I feel like I should complete Nier 1.  The developers of Nier Automata said there will be no attempts to appeal to the western audience like they did with Nier 1‘s male power fantasy protagonist.  To that, I say THANK YOU.  Describing Nier to someone who has not played the game, can be a challenge.

For more information on games that are coming out this year or next year, please look at this channel.  I really admire a focus on indie games and diversity as a whole.  Video games have come a long way from having Caucasian males in their early twenties as their only target.

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