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Disclaimer: I have not played Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost the predecessor Gundam Extreme Vs.

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Let’s face it.  There are not many good video game adaptations of anime or manga.  Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost manages to blow such thoughts out of the water.  Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost is an arcade game featuring a majority of Gundam characters from all over the Gundam universes.   Pick your favorite gundam pilots from either Gundam Wing, the original gundam, or  recent Gundam series like Gundam Extreme or Gundam Unicorn.

What I Like

This game is a love to the Gundam franchise.  Each and every Gundam in this game plays differently.  Some gundams like YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu (from Gundam Unicorn) can do some heavy zoning and Extreme Gundam Leo’s Type (from Gundam Extreme) can transform into various gundams from previous Gundam series.  Players can also choose between an offensive burst or a defensive burst.  These abilities can change the tide of battle quickly.  Add to the fact that some gundams can be killed in one shot and causing an instant game over and players have to be strategic during matches.


When choosing team combinations, players can find some compatibility with gundams they never thought they would be compatible with.  Or players could just fight alongside their favorite Gundam pilots or mechs.

Arcade mode had me picking through various toy figurines  (something Gundam is well known for) in order to pick which opponent or boss I wanted to fight.  Playing alone, I got to fight alongside a Gundam series protagonist’s vs the protagonist’s antagonists.


What I Don’t Like

Like most versus games.  The computer is as dumb as a sack of potatoes.  Those epic battles in Arcade mode would have been funner if my companion was smart and didn’t either die or do absolutely nothing.  I often forgot that I had a teammate while playing arcade mode all the way to the final boss, Extreme Gundam (Gundam Extreme).  This game is best played with living breathing people, either online or offline.

This game also suffers from low frame rate.  If there are too many blasts on screen, the game tends to slow down.  This is problematic when Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost requires quick reaction times.

Other than those problems, Gundam Extreme vs Full Boost is a fun game.  Due to the game being Japanese only, only a few words are in English.  Those with limited knowledge of Japanese or willing to do some trial and error will have no problem navigating through the game.  Anyone who loves Gundam or has watched a few Gundam series should take a look at this game.

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