Help Skullgirls Release Characters (Ends March 27th)

Skullgirls is an unique downloadable 2D fighting game originally developed by Reverge Labs and later Lab Zero Games.  Players can choose to play solor or in teams against another player who is either playing solo or with a team.  Each character’s appearance, personality, and importantly their gameplay are different and makes only having eight characters not a huge damper when playing the game.  Lab Zero Games would love to release more characters (including MALE characters) into their game but the indie game company needs their fans help in order to have their dreams realized.

Lab Zero, being an indie game company, is not loaded with cash like most popular video game companies who develop fighting games.  They have made a donation page on in order to get some financial support for their company while releasing several new characters such as Squiggly, Big Band, Umbrella, and Black Dahila and so on.  The donations end on the 27th of this month and they have already reached the goal of having Squiggly made.  If anyone is curious there is a video on the front page explaining how much money it takes to get a fighting game character made.

While I am more interested in the release of Leduc, I do like the idea of getting free stuff for donating.  I will be giving Lab Zero games ten dollars in order to get the Skullgirls’ soundtrack. People who want to donate more will get cooler items. As a bonus, the dlc will be free for a limited time wherever the dlc can be downloaded.  Just click here to find out how awesome this whole opportunity is.


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