Is A Low Priced Indie Game Like Edge Good or Bad?

I came across this game while looking for cheap deals during the Christmas season.  The Nintendo eShop has a long list of games now.  Purchasing a 3DS XL or 2DS XL would be money well spent at this time while Nintendo slowly builds the Nintendo Switch’s library.

Edge is an addictive indie game developed by Two Tribes Publishing.  With just a few colors and squares for graphics, I ended up playing Edge for hours.  I put off finally finishing Final Fantasy XV to play more of this game.

The developers of Two Tribes Publishing had me controlling a block’s movements through a maze of stationary black or gray blocks.  My goal is to find my way through each level’s puzzle and reach the finish line at the end of the level.  The concept is simple but each level is not the same as the last level and offers a different set of challenges.

I never felt like Edge provided unbeatable levels, but I felt challenged.  Edge does a good job of making use of the handheld’s split screen and required me to use the bottom of the screen when I could not see my colorful block on the top screen.

Unfortunately, Edge suffers from frame rate issues, causing an uncomfortable slowdown from time to time.  Collecting the prisms to unlock additional levels is a choir, but collecting them among the different obstacles made playing funner at times.

I feel that playing Edge might help with a person’s problem solving skills much like Brain Age does.  I do feel smarter after playing Edge and I look forward to buying more games like it in the future.


Edge is available on the Nintendo Nintendo New 3DS XL or Nintendo New 2DS XL for the low price of 1.99.If you liked this review, feel free to support me on for ad free reviews.

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