Long Time Absences and EVO

It’s been a LONG time since I posted anything on this website.  Well, life tends to get in the way.  After heading to the popular and yearly fighting game competition EVO Championship, I wanted to update this blog again.    We all know how skilled the players are at EVO (well…most of the players are skilled. I did play against a button smasher in my pools), I spent a lot of weeks practicing for my Injustice Gods Among Us tournament.

I did decently, going 2 and 2 for my first time (in lamest terms, I lost 2 matches and I won 2 matches).

Aside from competing in video game competitions, I walked around the venue and purchased a variety of artwork, arcade stick parts, and many other things.

EVO 2014 Injustice Gods Among Us DarkSteel (Hawkgirl) VS Chris G (Green Arrow) (175)

Jin From BlazBlue

Plenty of artists, modders, and game designers take advantage of the large crowds at EVO and sell a variety of work.

EVO 2014 Injustice Gods Among Us DarkSteel (Hawkgirl) VS Chris G (Green Arrow) (156)

This lady will be designing the artwork for my arcade stick


EVO 2014 Injustice Gods Among Us DarkSteel (Hawkgirl) VS Chris G (Green Arrow) (177)

Ball tops are avaiable on http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/

It is nice being able to buy arcade stick parts without the need to pay for shipping.  There are more pictures available on my various Facebook pages: Ice Angel Gaming (Let’s Play). Dark Siren Games (Indie Game Development), and Icy Blue487 (vlogging).

One of the best things about EVO was not only competing but also talking to various well known people such as Chris G and Devil May Spy.   It was nice finding out how many people are aware of me as a serious gamer in competitions (my handle  is “Ice Angel”).  It is very important to treat EVO like other majors but with a better stage.

EVO 2014 Injustice Gods Among Us DarkSteel (Hawkgirl) VS Chris G (Green Arrow) (90)

This is not even half of the Evo audience

Even so, I felt like going to Evo was a dream of some sort.  I had a lot of fun and hope to go again.  One thing I will do for next year, is go one or two days a day before EVO.  I was hit with jet lag upon arriving and slept a lot, thus missing the potential for more Injustice casuals and meeting more people.  There were people from all over the world and a lot of different languages spoken.  Maybe I will cosplay as Jin for the Blazblue tournament.

Facebook pages: Ice Angel Gaming (Let’s Play). Dark Siren Games (Indie Game Development), and Icy Blue487 (vlogging).

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