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Hello everyone.  This video is from my vlogging channel: IcyBlue487.  I talk a lot about writing on that channel and I occasionally discuss my love of anime and video games.   Both mediums has helped me become more creative with my writing.  I will have a video about Yoko Taro’s (the creator of Drakengard and the Nier series) influence on my writing, a book review on how to write M/M book (the same rules can be applied to yaoi), and anime horror stories.

I have a few horror stories that have happened while I watched anime in the past; Mermaid Saga and Knights of Ramune will start off the Anime Horror Stories playlist.

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Due to work, life, and college, I ignored my hobbies (anime, video games, manga, writing, and drawing) for a very long time. Now with a lot of time on my hands, I feel like having fun again and trying to get back into my old hobbies.
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