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I would like to say hello and thank you for allowing me to write on this website. I am Midnighticequeen and I have drawn  since I could hold a crayon. Anime and manga have been an important part of my life. Video games as well. Growing up me and my brothers we have had every game console made and I released and trying my hand at the different games that we all liked. I was exposed to a diverse genre of games but my favorite include casual games, RPG, simulation/management games, tactical RPG, Action-Adventure and more.

A good story, characters, and artwork is an easy way to earn my favor. Sci-fi and fantasy? My cup of tea. But my manga/anime preferences changes, evolves, and sometimes depend on what mood I’m in. I will also be most likely posting views on older games that I still love to this day.

Things I’ll be reviewing in the near future are:

  • I am Hero (Manga)
  • Claymore (Manga & Anime)
  • Skip beat! ( Manga)
  • Berserk (Anime & Manga)
  • 1/2 Prince (Manga)
  • Deadman Wonderland (Manga)

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About Midnighticequeen

Youngest of four, well-known bookworm, art geek and perfectionist who loves literature, films, television, good writing, wonderful art, and oreo ice-cream. I hope to one day sell wonderful indie games, write wonderful stories, and paint brilliant paintings.


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