Mortal Kombat X is Finally Here…For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Owners

Completion:  I’m a competitive fighter (handle: Empress Ice Angel), completed story mode (click here for proof), and am still searching through the Krypt.


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Mortal Kombat is a series well known as the only American fighting game to be played competitively in major tournaments such as CEO and EVO (sorry, but not really sorry Skullgirls).  The game series has spawned a ton of sequels, comics, movies, and established the well-known video game rating system since the game’s debut in 1992.  Mortal Kombat is known for its unique Asian influenced universe and outrages fatalities.

If the fighting game does not have a Capcom logo on the case, then there is a good chance of a decent attempt at a story.  Mortal Kombat X takes place after the rebooted story of Mortal Kombat nine.  Characters who died in the previous MK9 return as revanants under Quan Chi’s control.  Johnny Cage. Sonya Blade, and a new group of characters go to Outworld to battle Shinock; a former elder god out to take everything.


The story is shorter than it’s previous installment, yet Netherealms was able to fill in details about the offspring of various characters and events in between MK9 and MK10 through flash backs.  The flash backs are frequent but It was nice getting to play the character through these flashbacks.  I have no idea how to obtain the comic that showed the events before MK10.  This comic does explain why Mileena is no longer the Empress of Outworld and why Kotal Kahn is now the new kahn.

There were some inconstanies when certain characters get sprayed in the face with acid and die, but later on a character gets sprayed in the face with acid and is fine a minute later.  Netherealms knows they can not be perfect with a fighting game story but was still able to provide an enjoyable experience.


The men children are in tears now. 

Believe it or not, Netherealms decided to tone down the female anatomy for Mortal Kombat X. Instead of female characters dressed in stripperific attire with breasts bigger than their heads, the females have more realistic proportions.  I’ve always heard the men children say that what females wear in fighting games should not matter, but when these same people have their porn taken away they cry and cancle pre-orders (read comments below this article here)

.Frankly, I’ve found women AND men finding the new female character designs more attractive than in previous installments.  With some of the new male characters designed with handsome faces or bodies less muscular than other males in the cast (see Takeda, Kung Jin, and Outcast outfit for Erran Black), Netherealms wants more people playing their games.  The dialouge between Raiden and Kung Jin might make a few GLBT people happy.  I just hope that Netherealms does not get too carried away with creating diversity.


There run mechanic is awkward but took some getting used to. The run mechanic returns from Mortal Kombat 4.  Without the running machanic, a lot of damaging combos would not be possible. With the ability for players to duck some projectiles and not get chipped, characters like Kitana are almost not viable in tournament play. The whole variation adds a ton of variety to the game depending on who you pick. Some character variations can be treated like a whole new other character while other variations are the same character with a different combo ender and some unigue attacks (see Royal Storm Kitana vs Assassin Kitana or Venomous D’Vorah vs Swarm Queen D’Vorah).


Take Scorpion’s spear?

I refuse to pay 19.99 in order to unlock everything in the Kyrpt or for unlocking easy fatalities.  Netherealms realizes that a lot of their customers don’t want to spend time in the one player dungeon called the Kyrpt.  I’m having fun in that mode, slowly going through mazes and unlocking extra customes.  I could do without the constant jump scares.

What’s unavoidable is the Kombat Pack or buying DLC characters individually.  I am sure there will be a Mortal Kombat X disc with everything unlocked in the future.  As of right now, I brought the Kombat Pack so I can purchase both Tanya, Jason, Tremor, and Predator a week before everyone else.  I have yet to buy the preorder character Goro and I probably won’t unless I find a Goro player who knocks my socks off.  Thankfully, in old school fashion, Shinnock can be unlocked after completing story mode.

The online connection is terrible unless the player has their PS4 or Xbox One hooked up to a router.  Without playing wired, one can not find too many decent connections online.

Mortal Kombat X is a good game worthy of its popularity and place in tournaments.  Those looking to buy the game, should be ready to spend more cash if they want the DLC characters or do not feel like unlocking everything in the Krypt by themselves.  Online warriors should be near or connected to their routers while playing online.  Lastly, there is no telling when the game will be out on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Completion:  I’m a competitive fighter (handle: Empress Ice Angel), completed story mode (click here for proof), and am still searching through the Krypt.


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360


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