My First 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

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Sometimes curiosity can cause me to find some interesting or mortifying images in Google Search engine results. Sometimes I end up finding wonderful things such as a 1/8 scale pre-painted PVC Ky Kiske figurine; one of the poster boys for the fighting game Guilty Gear.

Ky Kiske Figurine 4

Long ago, I used to buy posters of my current favorite video game or anime series and place those posters on a wall in my room.  Eventually, it became annoying always trying to find space for these posters or taking down posters whenever I lost my love for the characters on those posters.  Also, long ago, the majority of 1/8 figurines were of female characters and my image of people who collected those figurines was pretty much this:

Are moobs safe for work?

Are moobs safe for work?

I pre-ordered the Ky Kiske figurine from Play-Asia and after a two month delay, I finally received my figurine.  I no longer have that image of a fat otaku breathing heavily over several figurines of cutesy or barely dressed female characters.    The Ky Kiske figurine is highly detailed and came with interesting choices.

Ky Kiske Figurine 5

Recent version of Ky Kiske

Ky Kiske Figurine 2

“Hair down” mode and I can take off his cloak.

Ky Kiske Figurine 6

If only my Ken dolls had these many options. Maybe there would have been more Ken dolls in my house.  For some reason, Ky’s sword is loose in his hand.  I am pleased with the figurine.  The figurine is a 1/8 scale, which I placed on the shelf above my bed.  Doing so did not take anywhere as much space as hanging up a poster.

For anyone who’s curious, there are other Guilty Gear figurines available on Play-Asia such as Sol Badguy and two versions of Ramlethal are available for purchase or pre-order.  I don’t plan to buy another Guilty Gear figure in the near future so head on over to Play-Asia if you’re a fan of Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, or Ramlethal.

RamlethalRamlethal 2guilty-gear-xrd-sign-sol-badguy-normal-edition-371715.1



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