Nekocon 2014

Long Lines

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Nekocon isn’t known for having really terrible preregistration lines a day before the actual convention, however, I found myself staying in line for almost six hours.  There were issues with people who purchased their badges through Paypal and the computers kept freezing.  This very day almost had me thinking that the rest of the convention was going to turn out bad.  I was wrong and I had a pretty good time.


From my Evo post, you’ve learned I am a competitive gamer  As a competitive gamer, I left Nekocon for the majority of Saturday in order to attend a legit Injustice tournament in which I could win a sponsorship to NEC.  For those who can easily destroy beginners in rank battles in fighting games, a majority of people in the game room will provide no challenge at all.  I missed the doll meetup, lolita events, and the cosplay event.  The sacrifices we make.

The panels I visited:

Making a Strong Female Character More Than Just a Sword
It’s a common mistake to make a female character physically strong and think she is a strong character all around.  As a writer, I agreeded that making a good female character is easier when the writer simply thinks of making a character’s personality. motives, and flaws.

Creating Video Game Music
This was a helpful workshop where the panelist showed us how he went about making music for games.  The importance of making the music fit the scene or looping correctly.  The panelist’s website is right here.

Working for Crunchyroll (and Funimation)
I was not expecting a panel like this and I almost did not go to it.  I am glad I did and was able to see examples of what goes on at Crunchyroll.  If you are in the San Francisco, California area and really love anime, then you can try going for a job at Crunchyroll.  Funimation is located in Texas.  There is a chance that either of these companies may have occasional jobs where a person can work remotely at home.  I, however, was in the middle of filling a remote Customer Service Representative job application but I was kicked out of the job application process the company already found their fits.  That was a sad day.

History of Yaoi and Yaoi Cliches
The titles say it all.  As a writer I was curious how yaoi has changed throughout the years.  The last yaoi series I watched and read all the way was Gravitation and Gakuen Heaven.  Yaoi will be reviewed on this website and with anime/games like Dramatical Murder, I can’t wait to watch the show and play the game when I can (I did enjoy the amount of Togainu no Chi I played).

We unfortunately got to see the messed up side of Tumblr (male pregnancy, incest, etc) and I can not unsee the things I saw.

Just About Anyone Can Get a Panel
There was the Maname panel in which there was a discussion on anime for manly men.  The idea bored me and I skipped on seeing it.  Turned out it was a good call as the person running the panel was someone that I knew who annoys me to a great extent.  The Villains in Anime panel…I almost walked out on that one.  The panelist was not the best of talkers and I found the whole presentation boring.  Nintendo RPG’s was really good and gave me some ideas for my Let’s Play channel.  Panels like Clamp in Wonderland and Lolita Fashion 101 were full and I was not allowed in.

Buying a Ton of Stuff
Nekocon 2014 did not disappoint in the Japanese candy department.  I have not been watching much anime lately (that’s soon to change), so I did not have much anime memorabilia that I wanted to buy.  I unfortunately brought a grab bag.  Grab bags are the equivalent of entering in the lottery.  I might sell my Goku figurine online.

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There was a yaoi grab bag last year that someone brought.  Returning to the same place last year, I learned that yaoi grab bags were being sold to minors and therefore, the store could no longer sale yaoi grab bags. Sigh….I also remember that there was a neat Zelda shield bookbag and the Zelda timeline book I wanted but forgot to buy.  Time flies when you get the chance to talk to people who won’t outcast you for liking anime.

Reviews to Come….

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I saw Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl for the second time and my brain still could not wrap my mind around this movie.  Should I even try to review it or not?  My boyfriend also won a singing anime during the Crunchyroll panel.  When we both have some free time, I will watch and review that anime.

My Vlog

I not only love vlogging, but I also love Youtube.  See a video version of this blog and have a good day.  There’s cosplay!

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