Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and Shigeru Miyamoto Mii

   Last night I finally used the Mii Plaza on my Nintendo 3D Ds for the first time after meeting several people with a Nintendo 3D Ds.  What a surprise to see a Mii by the name of Miyamoto introduce himself and step into my plaza.   Wearing a Luigi hat and holding the Luligi Mansion’s Dark Moon game in his hands I knew this was […]

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I hope you can this anime is shounen ai.

Uragiri Wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru Anime

Uragi wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru, also known as Uraboku and Betrayal Knows My Name, is the story of Yuki Sakurai.  Yuki Sakurai is an orphan trying to find a reason for his existence and abilities to sense other people’s emotions (and cause things to  explode).  These abilities draw negative attention towards Yuki and make […]

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Pretty Book Cover

Fire Emblem Awakening Artbook (Knight of Iris & GameStop Art Book)

I love buying art books of video games I have played or anime that I am really into.  I have always loved the artwork of Fire Emblem and I enjoy looking at official sketches or artwork of the characters from time to time.  I opened my strategy guide of Fire Emblem Path of Raidence more for the artwork than […]

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Help Skullgirls Release Characters (Ends March 27th)

Skullgirls is an unique downloadable 2D fighting game originally developed by Reverge Labs and later Lab Zero Games.  Players can choose to play solor or in teams against another player who is either playing solo or with a team.  Each character’s appearance, personality, and importantly their gameplay are different and makes only having eight characters […]

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The Perfect Time for me to Get a 3D DS

For the longest time I wanted a Nintendo 3D Ds.  There were many games I wanted such as Kid Icuras: Uprising or The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D  but neither of the two tittles were worth giving a Gamestop employee 200 dollars in exchange for a small handheld.  Then I saw that a  Fire Emblem 3D […]

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Hello Everyone

I just wanted to give everyone a brief introduction into who I am before I start posting reviews a few times a week.  I’m a geek who has been in love with video games and anime since I was six years old.  Well…I guess I would like to say I have been forever in love […]

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