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Arc System Works is a popular video game company known for videogames like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear.  Atlus is a well-known video game company known for games like Catherine and Persona.   When Atlus and Arc System Works got together and decided to make  a fighting game, Persona 4 Arena was the result.

Persona 4 Arena takes the characters from the popular Japanese RPGs Persona 4 and Persona 3 and puts them in a 2d fighting game for fighting game fans and Persona fans to enjoy.  Those familiar with the JRPG series will love to see their favorite characters from their JRPG go at it, enjoy the continuation of the Persona 4 RPG story, and how the mechanics of their JRPG is mixed into the game.  Fighting game fans will enjoy the unique combinations of using two characters at the same time and learning the game’s fast paced mechanics.

I love the colors and the artwork shown in this game.  With a little knowledge of the Persona series as a whole (the Persona 4 anime and watching people play Persona 3), I feel the artwork and graphics were represented nicely.



The game has a quick tutorial mode (like 5 minutes) and challenge mode helped me get used to Persona 4 Arena‘s mechanics pretty fast.    Like any serious fighting gamer, a trip to sped up my knowledge of the game further as not everything is explained.  I did not know all the effects of the alignment spells until I went online.  For people who could care less for fully learning the game, there is the option of pressing one button over and over in order to do an auto combo.  I would be annoyed by this addition but the combos generally don’t do much damage.

From what I have seen of Persona 4 Arena‘s story mode is that the story is a love letter to Persona 3 and 4 fans.  There is a continuation of Persona 4’s story after two months of it’s conclusion.  Each character’s story mode is fleshed out, an hour long, and the presentation is entertaining.  Just look at the opening scene.   It is always nice to know that a company cares about their gameplay AND their story mode.

Persona 4 Arena offers a lot to not only fans of the series but also to fans of fighting games; casual and competitive alike.  This game is worth a buy as it has been out for a while and is cheap now.

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