Pixels (2015 film) Review

So last month, I had the option of seeing Antman  in theaters or seeing Pixels 2015 on my Birthday. Having seen enough superhero origin movies at the time, I decided to go with something different.  Being an advid video game player and competitive fighting game player, Pixels attracted me more.

Pixels is a movie directed by Chris Columbus and stars popular or infamous faces such as Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and Peter Hayden Dinklage.  In the movie, Brenner  and his bestfreind Cooper talks him into entering worldseries championships.  During the championships, a time capsule is launched into space containing a videocassette that includes scenes from the tournaments.  Brenner does well but eventually looses to Eddie Plant in Donkey Kong.

Fast foward a few years later and Cooper is president of the United States, Eddie is in jail, and Brenner is installing home security systems.  A military base is attacked and destroyed by aliens.  It turns out that the videocassette tape was recieved by aliens.  Instead of learning about human life, the aliens considered the recordings a declariation of war and are out to destroy Earth.  The huge kicker in all this is that the aliens have used the recordings of the tournament to attack Earth as representation of old video game characters.


With the help of President Brenner, Eddie dusts off his old video game skills and helps the army take down these aliens.


This movie is very colorful and vibrant.  I don’t remember the last movie I wanted to see in 3D  that was not Avatar but I wished I was wearing glasses by the end.

There are a lot a lot of video game characters and references throughout this movie.  If a person was born around America’s arcade days or in the 90’s then they should recognize Pac Man, old Donky Kong, Q’bert and more characters.  Last year’s The Last of Us gets screen time during a classic old-vs-new-video-games discussion between older Brenner and the love interest’s child.

I appreciated all the reserach it took to get these characters  on screen.  This movie also had one of the most amusing ending credits that I have ever seen.

This movie should be seen by fans of video games.  As a competitive video game player, I loved the tournament scene in the early movie despite the outrageous acting (although, I have seen some outrageous moments during Mortal Kombat tournaments).

PIXELS - 2015 FILM STILL - Pictured: President Cooper (Kevin James) addresses the press on the White House lawn as Violet (Michelle Monaghan), Brenner (Adam Sandler), Ludlow (Josh Gad) and Eddie (Peter Dinklage) - Photo Credit: George Kraychyk   © 2015 CTMG, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. **ALL IMAGES ARE PROPERTY OF SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT INC. FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY.  SALE, DUPLICATION OR TRANSFER OF THIS MATERIAL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


The acting is outreagous, even for a kids’ movie.   I’m reminded of older cartoons where I would have to dumb down my since of belief so I can believe that the characters were able to act in certain ways.

I feel that if someone does not understand video games and why people love them, they will not like Pixels Pixels is one of those movies meant for a niche audience like a high budget indie film.  Grandma, who only plays Wii Fit once every blue moon, will not understand a single thing going on in Pixels.

If Pixels is still available in movie theaters, then please see it.  Let Hollywood know that you want to see different ideas for once.  If you want to preorder Pixels, then click on this link here.


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