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The Best Cop out for Anime Fans and My First Introduction to Hayao Miyazaki’s Films

Back when I was buying a ton of anime, I came across Princess Monoke.  Princess Mononoke is an anime movie produced by the well-known Hayao Miyazaki.  I was amazed by the movie’s colorful images, unique characters, battles, and the morals wonderfully placed in the film.  I happily made a lot of my friends, family members, and others watch and enjoy Princess Mononoke.

A few years later, my boyfriend wanted to see this movie for the first time.  I thought I would be tired of seeing this film for the one hundredth time.   However, I was wrong.


Princess Mononoke is the tale of the last Eminishi prince Aishitaka trying to find the cure for the curse that he obtained after killing a demon.  With the Eminishi being a decaying tribe,  finding the reason for the demon’s appearance is difficult for Aishitaka as he also learning how life works outside of the tribal life.  Aishitaka’s only clue is the bullet which caused the animal’s corroruption.

During the exiled prince’s travels, Aishitaka comes accross war, a villiage which forges iron, and the wild wolf princess named San.  There is war between the humans, the forest, and animals.  What happens during all of this conflict is a bueatiful message for everyone.


The Lesson in All This?

In Irontown, Lady Eboshi desires the head of the Forest Spirit.  The Forest Spirit keeps the forest and life together; but Lady Eboshi does not care and is adamant in getting the Forest Spirit’s head.  The movie nicely displays how damaging war is and the effect it has on everyone; no matter who or what is involved.  The other biggest lesson is to take care of the planet.

I loved how these messages were portrayed throughout the movie without a character yelling the intended message at the top of their lungs every five seconds.

Great for Nonanime Fans and Fans Alike

Unlike this animePrincess Mononoke is a great film for those who do abhor anime.  Miyazaki made this film in the day when otaku did not rain supreme as directors.  No tsuderes, no soulless dolls, no obsessive fan service; just characters who’s motives are understandable and a world that is deep in Japanese mythology and some Japanese history.

Princess Monoke is a good introduction to reading subtitles as the English dub makes no sense.  There is no reason why a Japanese woman is speaking with a Broklyn accent.  Hearing other voices have broken my submersion in the film and that’s a shame.



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