Puella Magi Madoka Magica Review


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There’s something unique about this anime.  The way it made me feel, how complex the story was, and how much I could not figure out where the story was going.  At first glance, Magi Madoka looks like your typical magical girl anime.

Madoka Kaname is a middle school student with a very ordinary life with a loving family. One day she runs into a creature named Kyubey.  Kyubey offers Madoka the opportunity to become a magical girl and the ability to make any wish come true.  If she becomes a magical girl, she must agree to hunt witches for the rest of her life. Madoka meets magical girls who hunt down witches and wish to stop her from becoming a witch at all costs.

Not Everything is Set in Stone

Even after the plot twist is revealed, there is still much to be learned.  It seems that the creators did some woworld building for Madoka Magica.  I like how the creators carefully set the rules for Madoka Magica, let me be comfortable, and then build upon those rules as the story went on.

Characters I Care About


There is a chance for everyone to die in this anime.  At first glance, the characters look as if they fit their anime archetypes nicely (red headed spunky girl and black haired cold girl).  The reasons they become witches is understandable and I wanted these girls to accomplish their dreams even though that was obviously unlikely.

There is an unexpectedly dark tone in this anime.  Sailor Moon had its dark moments but everyone tunred out ok in the end (95 percent of the time).

The Artwork is Unique


The art style looks as if it is sketched and I can tell there was work put into the character designs.  The witches come right out of a painting, resembling something monsertous about a person or the things of nightmares.  Seeing each wicth is a visual treat.

Some People Won’t Give this Anime a Try


At first glance, Magi Madoka looks like the same old magical school girl anime, I have seen over and over.  With an open mind, I was able to sit down and give this anime a try.  When this anime was being released, I had given up on telling a friend about this anime as he was not interested in seeing a magical girl anime (even when I told him how dark the show got).  Later, while surfing Netflix, I told him to skip Madoka Magica because he would not give the anime a chance, then he ended up watching the show to spite me, and ended up loving it.

Slow Start

I admit, the anime takes a while for things to pick up.  Things really became interesting around episode 7 when one of the plot twists were revealed.  People may be turned off by the protagonist not turning into a magical girl for a LONG while with the other characters making a much stronger presence instead.

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