Scalpers Rant: Limited Edition 3DS’

New Nintendo 3DSXL - Fire Emblem Fates Edition - Nintendo 3DS 1

One day I fell out of the loop on new video game releases.   When I came to, Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright & Conquest was released in America and there was a limited edition Fire Emblem New Nintendo 3DS XL and a complete Fire Emblem Fates video game cartridge out on the marketplace.  I had the small Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS for three years.  It was time for an upgrade to a bigger screen and the ability to play future games released only for the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

New Nintendo 3DSXL - Fire Emblem Fates Edition - Nintendo 3DS

 Anyone who is late to the party on any limited edition video game consoles, merchandise, etc has come across scalpers on Amazon and Ebay.  These people love buying multiples of a limited edition product and raising the price to two times its worth for major profit online.  The fans who want these items, either buy into the overpriced item or don’t buy the item at all.  I was not going to buy the Fire Emblem Fates Special New Nintendo 3DS XL for the price of a regular 3 New Nintendo 3DS XLs.

Instead, I researched Target’s, GameStop’s, Best Buy’s, Ebay’s, and Amazon’s supply of this Nintendo 3DS XL.  I’m glad I did because I had the idea that GameStop was the only place to buy video games.  Of course, I’ve brought video games from Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc in the past but whenever I wanted to shop for video games, I always stopped by GameStop first.  Asking a GameStop employee if they still had the Fire Emblem edition New 3DS XL has gotten me some pretty strange looks before the employee would answer my question with a no.

After a week of Fire Emblem Fates New 3DS XL release, Target ran out of stock and I turned to Best Buy.  Best Buy had a ton of these FE Edition New 3DS XLs in stock, but only through local pickup.  I believe the local pickup option is to stop scalpers from buying so many 3DS’.  I finally brought my new 3DS XL at the regular price of 212 dollars; not the trending  price of 400 dollars on Ebay.

TN VS IPS Screen Lottery

If anyone looks through the reviews on the Fire Emblem Fates Special New Nintendo 3DS XL on Amazon; a lot of the bad reviews comes from the TN vs IPS screen lottery.  This lottery is unfortunate and I cannot understand why Nintendo will not chose one screen or the other when selling these handhelds.  I was one of the rare few who brought a New Nintendo 3DS XL with dual IPS screens.  I think my screens look amazing.  If I wanted to, I could sell my handheld for close to 600 dollars on Ebay.  As much as I like money, the idea honestly upsets me (and it’s a huge motivator for writing this blog entry).

The screen lottery is one of the major reasons someone should not buy a limited edition handheld at a scalper’s price unless the person does not care about the screen lottery.

The ABOVE is not my video

Tips to Avoid Scalpers

1. There’s always a small chance that a limited edition handheld is still available despite missing out on pre-orders.  I can find the GameStop exclusive Zelda Hyrule Gold Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL in abundance at GameStops in my area.

Nintendo 3DS XL Hyrule Edition

Behold the price everyone should be paying for this hand held at GameStop!

2. There are options to buy a refurbished handhelds through GameStop.  These refurbished handhelds do come with chargers and extra items but sometimes are missing SD cards.
3. GameStop is not the only place to buy video games.  Please look through Target’s, Best Buy’s, and Wal-Mart’s online databases to see what’s available.


1. The majority of New Nintendo 3DS XLs do not come with pre-installed games.
2.  If there is a New Nintendo 3DS XL that comes with a game, then a cartridge is included as a bundle.
3. No New Nintendo 3DS XL comes with a charger.
4. Remember the screen lottery if IPS vs TN screen is an issue.
5. At the end of the day a pretty limited edition handheld works like any other handheld; just the outside is different.


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