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For the longest of times, there was no new Smash Bros game.  There was Brawl and the unofficial Project M and of course the tournament favorite Melee.  Smash Bros 3DS was finally released and people now have a big reason to purchase a Nintendo 3DS.

Being the fourth installment in the series, there was things that I was already accustomed to: unlocking characters,  arcade mode (Classic and All Star), and unlocking trophies.   The last Smash Bros had a story mode.  Story mode was not included in this installment because Nintendo doesn’t like it when people let’s play their games and put thier game footage on youtube.  I guess I’ll make a mental note on my list of game companies who hate free advertisement. Also, story mode made unlocking the characters easier and less monotonous.

I’m stuck to unlocking the characters through constant battling other people or going through Classic or All Stars rerepeatedly


Improved Online Mode
The online mode is a whole lot better than Brawl.  There is an option to play with friends, one on one and on Normal stages.


Local Play
I enjoy being able to play with those, beside me, who have a 3Ds.  I do not have a Wii U, so I can not say anything for the Wii U and 3DS cross play.


New Characters 
Mega Man, Palutena, Dog Hunt, Shulk, Dr. Mario, Little Max, Wii Fit Trainer, Dark Pitt, Rosolina, and Greninja are good additions to the roster.  Rosolina, Dog Hunt, and Palutena offer unique gameplay to Smash Bros.  I didn’t think keep away with either Dog Hunt or Palutena could be fun or even doable but it is fun. People wanting to play only Shiek or their waifu Zero Suit Samus can play without having to press a button before entering battle.

Extra Modes
I found myself having a lot fun with Street Smash (a Street Pass mode).  The mode may not have been Smash Bros, but there’s something fun in moving a disc around a platform and trying to knock my opponents off the stage.  Target Blast was a nice challenge as well and provided me something else to do besides fightings.


Online Play
Although the options are nice, the lag is still bad BUT better than the lag in Brawl BUT still bad. Matches can be tolerable instead of slow and painful, at least.

Local Play
Sometimes I have experience lag during local play.  I could literally hear the person breathing next to me as he played with his 3DS and we still had lag.

Not all Characters are Unique
I understand that Lucina is a descendant of Marth but the poor girl is a clone with a few different properties.  All her animations are roughly the same as Marth’s.  It’s a let down.  I am not sure why I need to unlock Ness for the FOURTH time in the series.

There was a Nintendo Direct a while ago that showed all the extras available in the Wii U version.  If you are a Smash Bros fan than you already know what to expect when buying this game.  Nintendo has comes to terms with the competitive side of Smash Bros and made some nice options for the no items crowd, while still appealing to the casuals.

A Matter of Who’s Playing
The joystick can get awkward to use at times.  There have been reports of joysticks getting broken over Smash Bros.  I have not broken my joystick but I do know a few people offline who has had to retire their 3DS.   Try your hardest to be gentle with your 3DS, buy the Wii U version instead, or learn how to replace your joystick incase it breaks.

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