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So this blog lives.  If you keep up with Of Anime and Video Games, first of all thank you, I have a life that likes to get in the way of my hobbies.  I am currently working a low paying job.  What does this mean for the readers?  I might have to give up this blog in a few months.

I am trying MY BEST to find a much better job so that does not happen.  Despite how many weeks Of Anime and Video Games goes inactive, I really do love this blog.  It gives me an outlet since I have gotten older and my anime obessesed freinds have either moved or have become too busy to talk or even watch anime these days.  That’s a sad lesson for you young anime fans; better enjoy your teenage years and friends while they’re still around.

On an uplifting note, I started thinking about my childhood.  What shows got me into anime?  What anime still stuck with me throughout these years?  Hmm…One of those anime was called Outlaw Star and Armitage the Third.  Did those anime age well as I got older?

Gene Starwind

Outlaw Star

I will let you guys know as I begin to re-watch them.   In a way, I feel like I might be ruining fond memories by doing this but oh well.  There is a difference between older anime and newer anime so I want to do this.  I also have some anime on my to do list to look through.

Also. this blog may or may not get a make over.

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