The Perfect Time for me to Get a 3D DS

For the longest time I wanted a Nintendo 3D Ds.  There were many games I wanted such as Kid Icuras: Uprising or The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D  but neither of the two tittles were worth giving a Gamestop employee 200 dollars in exchange for a small handheld.  Then I saw that a  Fire Emblem 3D DS bundle  was being released in Japan and was hoping for some miracle to happen for that bundle to come to America.  Thankfully that miracle came on February 4th this year.


The Fire Emblem 3D DS bundle  (as seen here) came with Fire Emblem Awakening already installed on the small hand held, AR cards, a 4gb sd card, and a lovely cobalt blue 3D DS.  Being a fan of Fire Emblem, I could not be any happier to get up early in the morning and travel a far distance to get the last Fire Emblem 3D DS bundle in my area (at least according to Gamestop’s availability list on the GameStop website).

fireemblem 3dds

For a few days I played around with the Nintendo 3D DS’ various features such as AR Games, creating a Mii, looking at videos which used the 3D function pretty well, and browsing through the online store.  I admit the 3D put a strain on my eyes after 2 hours so I had to turn the feature off.  This 3D DS is pretty small and even I, being a woman with medium sized hands, had to stretch my hands after a while.  While these 3D DS features are nice I would not consider them reasons to buy a 3D DS and I soon dove into five hours of Fire Emblem Awakening   .

firemblem awaking game
As I said I only have five hours in and I am at chapter 5 so I can not make a full review right now.  However the game is what I can expect from Fire Emblem and more. So far I am enjoying the new elements such as pairing up option in battle, two characters attacking during the same turn, the option to buy new or download free maps to extend my game play  and even…the idea of having an avatar.  Normally I love having “real” characters in my video games instead of avatars because I would rather follow a “real” character’s story instead of some nobody.   Thankfully the story works with making my avatar feel like a part of the story line and have an actual personalty.  I was honestly a little iffy on going through the story if I had to look at a silent protagonist who only spoke when I choose an option presented on the screen but none of that is here.

I will be going through Fire Emblem Awakening some more and hopefully I can give a full review by the end of this month. Anyone who wants the bundle or even the game should look at Amazon (click here for the bundle and click here for the game) if you want to play Fire Emblem or love Fire Emblem and wish to own a 3D DS because the game and bundle are pretty hard to find as of right now.

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