Vamplets Book One: The Nightmare Nursery

If anyone remembers my post about the anime convention called Nekocon, then you might remember seeing a picture of Vamplets Book One: The Nightmare Nursery.   I was drawn to the cover by Amanda Coronado’s unique style and the bright colors on the cover.    There is one thing I love the most about webcomics is that the author and the artist can be creative without having to stick to certain conventions.


The hardcover of the webcomic I brought at Nekocon

Vampyre babies, vamplets, are popping  out of the blue (literally…when vampyre couples say “I love you”, a vampyre baby pops out of thin air).  Like good parents, the vampyre couples call for someone else to take care of their offspring.  Destiny Harbor is a human looking for a better job.  She would rather babysit than spend hours selling corndogs in a mall.  A huge flying moth, from a world called Gloomvania, gives her a job add for a babysitter position as Governess of “The Nightmare Nursery”.  Thanking the moth was some kind of dream, she takes the offer and goes to Gloomvania and takes care of five vampyre babies.

The artwork of Vamplets


Despite the story taking place in night time, the use of pink and purple color combinations are pleasing to the eye.  The artist has a talent in drawing multiple characters that all have a distant look.

This is not a serious comic in the least.  There is plenty of humor to be had in Vamplets as the comic is very self-aware.   The world building in Vamplets is a parent in Gloomvania where “sweet is hideous, and hideous is sweet”.   Destiny could run into some issues with the zombies, werewolves, and other vampyres running about who would love to do some harm to her.  Not to forget that the vampyre parents want their babies to be perfect.  I would like to read more of Vamplets whenever the creator makes more content.

Vamplets Book One: The Nightmare Nursery is a humorous webcomic with a distant artstyle and a unique story.  If its worth a read.

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