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Through getting back into my love of anime, I have welcomed back one of my favorite past times and that is yaoi, shounen ai, and stories which hint or tease that the two male protagonists might be in love with each other.  Any type of these intimate interactions between two males are much more enjoyable outside of high school, office settings, and teenage boys.  The Vassalord Original Video Animation was a nice change of pace in this genre.


Charley is a cyborg working under the Vatican to hunt down vampires.  Being a vampire as well and devote follower of God, Charley resists his  cravings for human blood and uses his master Rayflo as a source of food.  Charley receives a mission to  handle a small and older second generation vampire girl who has awakened from a deep sleep.  Charley literally drags his blood bank along for the ride in order to stop his lust for blood and handle this vampire.

Rayflo knows this little girl from an ancient time and dealing with her may not easy.

This anime starts off with Charley storming Rayflo’s mansion, battling Rayflo’s butler maids, and tearing Rayflo into pieces.   Every character had a distinct look, the battles were enjoyable to watch, and the sceneries are detailed.  There is a nice mix of action and comedy which I was surprised to see.


While not yaoi or shounen ai,  Charley sucking Rayflo’s blood, Rayflo swimming nude, and artwork involving Rayflo and Charley; Vassalord obviously caters to a female audience.  With that said, there are female characters with their own distinct looks, parts, and personalities.

The OAV is only thirty minutes and left me wanting more.  The manga starts off the same way as the OAV and continues from where the OAV ends.  I’m guessing that the OAV was made to attract new people to the manga.  I am sure that Charley’s inner conflict with being a child of God and need for blood will probably get on my nerves but the action, artwork, and interactions between Rayflo and Charley will keep me going.


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