Why I created This Website?

Hello guys.  It’s been quite a long while since I updated this very blog.  Mortal Kombat X was released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a month ago, I received my Smash Bros CD, and I  played with Mewtwo for a bit before a lot of people got the opportunity to download the pokemon.


Some Stuff I’ve Obtained During My Absence


I remembered I have this blog after watching a few episodes of Free Eternal Summer and reading this interesting article.  I sure as hell am running out of people to talk to about anime and especially about the fujoshi life.  That’s the curse of being in the fighting game community and getting older.


Of course, this blog will still be posted bi-weekly.


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About AnimeandVideoGames

Due to work, life, and college, I ignored my hobbies (anime, video games, manga, writing, and drawing) for a very long time. Now with a lot of time on my hands, I feel like having fun again and trying to get back into my old hobbies.

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